Day Job, Petty Instances of Irony, America’s Passtime

November 8th, 2006

I’ve been freelancing during the day for the last three weeks at an ad agency. Just like my last (limited) full time employment, there’s far more “waiting” time than working time, though at the ad agency most days there’s a mad crush of this-must-be-done-and-in-switzerland-by-breakfast work at like 5 PM, making most everyone stay until 10 or 11 or Midnight randomly. So… it is what it is.

I’ve been taking little flyer jobs and what not, mostly to fill up downtime so I don’t get too bitter and resentful that I’m not at home watching my Prisoner of Second Avenue netflix that just came.

(I had a delightful experience of irony opening a netflix rental of Casino Royale (Peter Sellers/David Niven/Orson Welles/Burt Bacharach score) and have the envelope inside plastered with new Casino Royale. I hope Woody Allen reprises his role in the remake. I actually think he should reprise all of his original comic roles now. Seing a frail elderly Woody jumping around in Take The Money And Run 2 can’t be any worse that whatever Woody Allen Summer Project 2007 will end up being. I’m just saying.)

(Another heavily ironic experience was walking by the newly opened Cafe Fuego and seeing billows of black smoke and flames pouring out of the patio. Their jack-o-lantern got away from them and legitimized the name of the place.)

Anyway, this is a new business card commissioned by Nate Shelkey. If you want to see the back, you’ll have to have some business with him and exchange cards.


Now to get Simon-ized with The P of 2nd A.

3 Responses to “Day Job, Petty Instances of Irony, America’s Passtime”

  1. birch Says:

    Whaoh! That’s amazing. Great execution of a great idea!

  2. Ben Says:

    That is awesome. You are one talented illustrator.

  3. Nate Says:

    i love my card! people keep saying it looks like my twin though. which is odd b/c umm it’s from a photo of me. we are identical though so… dunno.

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