Two new illustrations

November 22nd, 2006

I’m still working days at an ad agency in mid town, so the interesting illustrations have taken a backseat lately. I also can’t update my blog at work (I forgot the password… not any jobly prohibition).If I get that together maybe they’ll be more updates… so look forward to that three blog readers and various Apiary-linked passers-by.

Munch's Madonna
A pretty slavish vector recreation of Edvard Munch’s “Madonna” for a flyer job. This is the first part of a virtual collage (they’ll be a texture over it and other elements—type, etc), so I haven’t deviated much from the original at this stage, except to make it shinier. Thanks, CS2 blur filter.

Scared of Santa

This will be my Xmas card when it’s done.

This is NOT from the Scared of Santa gallery below, but rather something I found on Flickr by searching “santa” and “crying”. I still have some details to add, but I really like how superflat and monotone everything is, even in the original photo is. And that creepy faceless santa with a blank expression; priceless.

I also wanted to adapt this family’s xmas photo from 1977, maybe as a cartoonier illustration. I’m trying to drop this photo-based jazz as a style, I think it’s really “done.”

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