QI XL, Series G: Episode 13 - Gothic

February 26th, 2010

The UK college nerd who posts these on YouTube seems to have discovered girls, so they aren’t going up as quickly as usual. Heartbreaking.

QI XL, Series G: Episode 12 - Gravity

February 14th, 2010

(Barry Humphries will better known to you as “Dame Edna”... and if you’re really peculiar, as fake-blind game show host “Bert Schnick” in bizarro Rocky Horror sequel Shock Treatment)

QI XL, Series G: Episode 11 - Gifts

February 11th, 2010

This is the one from last weekend.

(I’ve skipped like 4 episodes in the mean time. You all know how YouTube works. You could find them if you needed to.)

Fabrics now on sale!

January 24th, 2010

I got my test swatches from Spoonflower, so I can now offer fabrics for sale!

Lorem Ipsum fabric


(The dinosaur one came out a little too dark, so I have to modify the colors)

When I earn back the $11 I spent buying proofs, I’ll upload more different other designs. FOR YOU.

QI G Series: “Germany”

January 16th, 2010

I made a fabric.

January 12th, 2010

I made a fabric.
T. Rex Fabric


And another one, too:

Lorem Ipsum fabric


You can’t buy it, though. I have to spend money to be a “seller.” Maybe later.

QI G Series #7

January 10th, 2010

Didn’t love this one; none of the panelists are on my short-list favorites. Both of the BBC1 series (this season and last) seem heavier and slower than the earlier seasons. Maybe it’s me.

Merge Records SCORE! CD

January 9th, 2010

A flickr follower mentioned this came out, so now I can post about it—
Merge Records: Mindy's CD

Mindy Kaling’s Score! CD from Merge Records.

"Mindy Kaling is a writer, co-executive producer and actor on NBC’s The Office. She is also the founder of Pitchfork Media and plays ethnic percussion for Arcade Fire."

I only had three days to do this.

Meet the Ugly Beatles

January 7th, 2010

Just like the regular Beatles, but f’n ugly.

The Ugly Beatles

(click to see big)

The Unbelievable Truth: New Year Special (Part 1/3)

January 2nd, 2010

Perhaps this will be the new exclusive use for this blog… just posting youtube links to British panel games

This is a radio show hosted my David Mitchell (so, you’ll just be looking at his headshot for the duration; no video) which I’ve not had much luck finding more than 2-3 other episodes online.

It’s also some kind of QI cross-over, so it has BUILT IN APPEAL.

QI, Series G: Episode 6 - Genius

January 1st, 2010

The only good thing about this rotten new year… a new episode of QI

Christmas Retrospective

December 23rd, 2009

I didn’t have time/motivation to make a Christmas card this year. Luckily, it being the end of the Zeros, I instead give a brief retrospective of cards of the years past. (The ones I already have on the internet, anyway.)

Christmas Card 2003
2003. I lost this scarf immediately after making this card.

Cakey's Xmas Card
2006. This is actually Cakey’s Christmas card, but I made it.

2006. Inside: “Hoping your holiday season is relatively free of traumatizing calamity.”

Christmas for Breakfast CD face
Not actually a Christmas card, but an album you should buy

Sterling-Cooper Christmas Party 2007
2007. The Christmas card that changed the course of my career and indirectly dictated what I would be doing for the next 2+ years. (Made for actor Rich Sommer.)

Happy Holidays from S.C.
2008. This one was for sale in my brief career as a copyright-violating media profiteer.

2008. We delivered on the promise, too.

Merry Fishmas

Merry Fishmas, everybody!

Mad Men Illustrated: #3.13

November 10th, 2009

The last one of Season 3:

#3.13 One Last Look

I have a couple of loose Mad Men projects still to post and then I’m giving the series a rest for a good long time.

Added :

This was one of those loose ends left half done. So I finished it:

#3.3 Showboatin'

Joan Paper Doll - Season 3

November 9th, 2009

Joan Paper Doll - Season 3

Comic Book Weather (Again)

November 9th, 2009

Now on the front page of FunnyorDie. Please vote “funny” or write a rambling, misspelled comment about how this is a rip-off of something else and totally lame.



November 6th, 2009

#3.5 Peanut

Comic Book Weather

November 5th, 2009

I made this back in February as a pilot of a web sketch series for Marvel’s website, which petered out before it started. Anyway… it’s still pretty funny.

Make Your Own Calendar

November 3rd, 2009


A lot of people want a Mad Men Illustrated calendar like the one I did last year. I can’t legally make that, so I made a set of calendar pages that you can assemble with pictures from this flickr set to make your own.

This download is JUST THE CALENDAR PAGES —no images. You can pick and choose from this set to make it on your own with your home printer.


Mad Men Illustrated #312

November 3rd, 2009

#3.12 Spectators


Mitch Magee in LA

October 29th, 2009


Mitch Magee moves to LA to begin his 3-month residency at Funny or Die.