Nobody's Sweetheart
illustration & humor by Dyna Moe

Apt Stuff to Go


Take My Stuff, Please.

Not looking for money but donations towards moving expenses are appreciated.
Need to be gone by October 11th.

45 more of these

45 more of these

  • Rolling Printer Cart/End Table

  • Snowflake wrapping paper (black n white, big roll)

  • Hanging closet shelf/shoe organizer

  • Desk/Table lamp (no shade)

  • FedEx Art Ship/Store Box (enormous 3' x 4' w/padding)

  • 2 poster shipping tubes

  • bathmat

  • set of twin sheets (white with black linework)

  • curtain rods

  • powerstrips

weird stuff-

  • 47 plastic tubes that once contained M&Ms (make a candy bandoleer? craft project?)

  • Unfinished giant papier-mâché cat head

  • CLAIMED Zinus Memory Foam 8"  Mattress, Full & metal bed frame  
    • (quite firm, $300 new)
      never been fucked on or shat/pissed on - find another mattress with that guarantee!

email to claim an item: